This is the blog about my kitty, Leroo.

Leroo hoping i will let her go out the back door

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Leroo hoping i will let her go out the back door

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It’s about time we updated Leroo’s blog!

March 31, 2012 no comments

Leroo has become a long haired kitty. She always had a long raccoon tail, but this winter is only the second where she has grown a long winter coat. She gets a long spiky winter collar. She has been shedding a lot lately for spring and now is left with a long spiky spring fringe. Leroo is a unique little kitty. Check out her gallery.

the winter collar

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Cat Talk

February 10, 2010 no comments

Its funny when cats talk to each other. a couple nights ago leroo was visited by a neighborhood cat. he came to our kitchen window and called to leroo to come talk to him.  she got up on the fridge as she does…to reach the kitchen window…and answered. they both spoke in that funny, throaty way cats do when they are working out whether to fight or not..the pre-fight-standoff thing. here is an interesting link to a site about cat talk: click here.

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Leroo’s New Toy

February 8, 2010 no comments

lori gave leroo a new toy. a great one too…leroo LOVED it.  its a fishing pole with a string and a bird thing on the end…Da Bird.  the great thing about leroo’s particular one is it had two big stiff feathers…and a couple small teasers….when you swished it around it spun and made a realistic sound and leroo loved it.  the big feathers i think really make the difference over other feather toys. she would catch it and actually carry it off to some where where she could relish her kill, and then stash it.  she had a look of complete satisfaction from the experience too.  like she really caught something.  soon, of course, she killed the feathers…so it was just the part the feathers stuck into that attached to the string.  she loved the toy in this state too. we played a lot with it and she’d catch it and stash it just like when it still had feathers.  a few days later i woke up to find that leroo had killed that part too.  she bit the string the thing was attached to..leaving about 10 inches of string still attached to the stick. the part with the feather connector was no where to be seen. i found that a few days later stashed under some furniture. she still loves playing with the part of the toy that remains…the stick with 10 inches of string.she really got the most out of this toy…enjoyed every bit.

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Leroo’s Mom

January 4, 2010 no comments

She looks a lot like her mom:

Leroo’s Mom

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talking to the contractors

July 9, 2009 no comments

we’ve had construction going on next door lately…and its pretty noisy. today leroo got in the bedroom window and started meowing at the contractors…perhaps she was telling them to quiet down.

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leroo’s up to R

April 14, 2009 no comments

leroo is working on spelling her name in shells…one letter at a time. she is up to R now. its been a while since her E.

leroo’s R

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Smelling Feet

March 6, 2009 no comments

leroo sat next to me lastnight..and obviously could smell something she was curious about. she sniffed around to locate where it was coming from. she sniffed my leg, the floor…looked around…sniffed the air…unsatisfied she lifted a front paw and smelled the bottom of her foot…which is why im writing this post. it was a very human thought process…peculiar smell..maybe its my feet. hehee.

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cleaning the shower

January 23, 2009 no comments

With Leroo around its fun to clean the shower. She always comes and stands on my back as I lean over to do it. One of these days I have to do it when someone is here to take a picture.

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Bed Head

January 20, 2009 no comments

Leroo cuddles with me at night…she gets nestled with her head under my chin, her left arm stretched across me like she is holding me…body under covers. today she was suddenly awakened by a sound outside..a neighborhood cat. she jumped up really quick and went and sat at the foot of the bed in hunting mode…with Bed Head!! it was very cute.

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